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last project kleo cottages kalkan

i’m working my last project which is

that site based on CSS and valid XHTML also valid CSS also small flash banner too. very sipmle and professional looks. you can see main page on this link. i’m planning total 10 english sub pages. i have to use white borders and dark blue colours for that pages.  they have very nice villas in islamlar which is located very clear atmosphere around green forest. i will try to visit them for to take some new nice pictures.islamlar kleo cottages web

Seo works for kalkantepe website

i prepared a new website for Yakindogu Construction Co. Ltd on 5 months ago.

our seo works was “kalkan villas” and “villas in kalkan”  for At this moment that webpage on 12. position on also 7. position on “villas in kalkan” keywords on these keywords are normal difficulty and most of webpages using adwords for that words. 15-25 people join that website on these keywords everyday. That website developed CSS and XHTML. and got 2/10 rank on first update period seo

My second seo job for

My profession was seo about Turkish websites and Turkish keywords. I accept 2 jobs for english websites for seo on Here are my second jobs which is so hard and takes my long time to get better.

Our words was “kalkan” to put websites on first page. At this moment we are still in first page 4. position on kalkan words. And i think we would stay there before new pr updates.

korsan kalkan seo

Seo ( Search engine optimisation )

What is seo

Calisma xxx internet sayfasi icin 4 kelime grubu secilerek 04.02.08 tarihinde baslatildi. Internet sayfa sahibinin istegi disinda web adresi ve bilgileri burada yayinlamayi uygun gormuyorum. Baslangic tarihinde

  • 2 ust seviyede zorluk derecesi olan
  • 2 normal seviyede zorluk derecesi olan

kelime grubu secildi. Baslangic pozisyonlari su sekilde idi;

  • – kelime kelime ilk 10 sayfa icerisinde yer almiyor.
  • – kelime kelime 8. sayfa 10. sira
  • – kelime kelime ilk 10 sayfa icerisinde yer almiyor.
  • – kelime 4. sayfa 4. sira

Calisma sonuclarini Aciklamalar bolumunden takip edebilirsiniz.

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Korsan Kalkan seo works.

I was working about a seo ( search engine optimisation ) projects before March ( 2008 ). Korsan Co Ltd. is small but very professional company located in Kalkan. They have 3 restaurants and accommodation service. Also they are building amazing villas in Kalkan.

At first we deal about 4 words which is “kalkan property” “kalkan villas” “kalkan restaurants” “kalkan accommodation”

They were not listed on

korsan web seo

Kalkan web guide published

I live in small mediterranean paradies before 6 years. I was thinking about a website which is serve some informations to visitors about Kalkan.  When i’ll have spare time i’ll try to finish that project. Information on the hotels, pensions, trips, restaurants, maps, locations, airport transfer travel, culture, history, geography, cuisine, tourism and service providers of Turkey Kalkan Also i will hav new projects about Kalkan for next year. You can visit Kalkan Turkey web Guide on here

Kalkan Palm Beach

my latest projects started 2 weeks ago. which is Kalkan Palm Beach Club website.  Since 2005 season, they are serving their guests with best quality of food with professional team. They have, café-restaurant and bar just on the shoulders of the unspoiled rocks of Komurluk are in Kalkan. Their projects prepared css style with nice flash banner. i tried opacity parameters for css on this website. it’s looks nice isn’t it?